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Upcoming conferences, national meetings and training workshops

With PROHEALTH in its third year, exciting results are emerging from the scientific work-streams. Many of our project findings will be showcased at prominent European conferences in 2016. But knowledge from PROHEALTH will also be made available for farmers and vets at national level, through dedicated stakeholder workshops. These aim to ensure that the scientific outputs are communicated in a form that can be applied on the farm. PROHEALTH also has a training scheme called ‘Individual Pig Care’, which will be provided free of charge in 5 countries over the course of the project, starting in 2016.

Newsletter April 2016/1

2016 Conferences

PROHEALTH will have a major presence at three main conferences this year- namely EAAPIPVS and ICPD. We will have dedicated half-day conference sessions at ICPD in Wageningen (20th-24th June), and EAAP in Belfast (29th August-1st September) where we have invited renowned key-note speakers from the EU and US, supported by a number of other internal and external speakers. In total, PROHEALTH members have submitted 26 abstracts for these three conferences!

National stakeholder meetings

We will be holding two national events during 2016, in Poland and France. The aim of these events is to help increase the application of scientific findings on farms.
PROHEALTH organised its first ever national stakeholder event in Warsaw in 2015, which was highly successful, with an audience predominantly interested in poultry. As a result, we will be continuing the momentum of last year’s event by hosting a ‘Poultry Technical Conference’ at Warsaw University on the theme of ‘One Health’ in sustainable poultry production. The event will be a full day session on June 17th, for which we expect around 200 attendees.

SPACE 2016, otherwise known as the International Livestock Fair, takes place in Rennes from the 13th-16th September. SPACE attracts a very large audience, so it will be a good opportunity to communicate PROHEALTH findings to French stakeholders. One of our local partners, INRA, organises conference sessions at this event which are intended to showcase research partnerships and study results. The possibility to include a PROHEALTH session into the INRA conference programme is currently being explored.The full event details including programmes will be available shortly on the Events page and via Twitter… watch this space!

Individual Pig Care Programme

With intensification of production systems and tight profit margins farmers face ever increasing challenges if they are to monitor animal health and recognise disease symptoms among large batches of animals.
For this reason, the PROHEALTH partners PigCHAMP Pro Europa and Zoetis have devised the ‘Individual Pig Care’ (IPC) programme. It aims to reduce the incidence of disease on farms by offering a digitalised health scoring mechanism for pig herds. The stockmen score pig health using digital pens and paper, and the data are automatically uploaded to an analysis dashboard, which identifies signs of deteriorating health between individual batches of pigs. IPC has been shown to help lower dramatically economic losses by reducing the incidence of disease. It therefore also reduces the use of prophylactic antimicrobials.

PROHEALTH strongly supports the implementation of the IPC programme as a means of improving animal health and welfare in pig production systems. This year we will therefore start to offer dedicated IPC training sessions for farmers. The detailed schedule for these trainings will be published soon.


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