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EAAP 2016

August 29 September 1


67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science EAAP 2016

PROHEALTH successfully submitted abstracts for oral and poster presentations

Oral presentations:

S.A. Edwards, S. Matheson, F. Pandolfi, R. Thompson, T. Ploetz, I. Kyriazakis; PROHEALTH, production diseases and piglet mortality.

H. Quesnel, H. Pastorelli, E. Merlot, I. Louveau, L. Lefaucheur, F. Robert, M.P. Père, F. Gondret; Effects of gestation housing system on maternal stress, piglet maturity at birth and early survival.

S.M. Matheson, G. Walling, S.A. Edwards; Relationships between sow conformation and crushing events in commercial piglet production.

R.J. Thompson, S.M. Matheson, T. Plötz, S.A. Edwards, I. Kyriazakis; A framework for automatic quantification of posture state and transitions in farrowing sows.

H. Gilbert, J. Ruesche, N. Muller, Y. Billon, F. Robert, L. Roger, L. Montagne; Responses to weaning in two pig lines divergently selected on residual feed intake depending on diet.

P. Sakkas, I. Oikeh, D.P. Blake, I. Kyriazakis; Are the consequences of coccidiosis affected by selection improved performance?

M. Karhapää, H. Siljander-Rasi, T. Kortelainen and M.-L. Sevón-Aimonen; Effect of breeding selection and sex on performance and incidence of osteochondrosis in fattening pigs.

N. Muller, H. Gilbert, F. Robert, L. Roger, L. Montagne; Dynamic response to the weaning of two lines of pigs divergently selected on residual feed intake.

Poster presentation:

P. Sakkas, R. Gous, T. Hill, I. Kyriazakis; Effect of feed level and source of vitamin D on bone mineralization and performance of broilers.

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