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IPVS 2016

June 7 June 10


24th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress 2016

PROHEALTH successfully submitted abstracts for oral and poster presentations:

Oral presentations:

  • F. Pandolfi, S. Edwards, F. Robert, I. Kyriazakis; Identification of neonatal mortality patterns and risk factors related to the different causes of piglet neonatal mortality in French farms.
  • S. M. Matheson, B. Foster, S.A. Edwards; Relationships between weight, head morphology-assessed IUGR status and survival in commercial piglet production.
  • E. Merlot, H. Pastorelli, F. Robert, A. Prunier, M.-C. Meunier-Salaün, H. Quesnel; Influence of gestation housing system on sow health and the transfer of maternal immunity to the neonate.
  • T. Giles, S. Hulme, P. Barrow, N. Le Floc’h, S. Schaeffer, A.-M. Chaussé, P. Velge, N. Foster; Identifying potential biomarkers to improve production in pigs and poultry.

Poster presentations:

  • Clark, I. Kyriazakis, C.R.G. Lewis, R. Farquhar, G. Lietz; Molecular characterisation of idiopathic lumbar kyphosis in pigs.
  • J. K. Niemi, P. Jones, R. Tranter & K. Heinola; Cost of production diseases to pig farms.
  • M. Klinkenberg, T. Van Limbergen, J. Niemi, J. Dewulf, D. Maes; Yearly and seasonal evolutions in performance parameters of sows in three European countries in 2011-2013.
  • M. Klinkenberg, T. Van Limbergen, I. Kyriazakis, J. Niemi, F. Pandolfi, J. Dewulf, D.Maes; Long and short term evolutions in the prevalence of pneumonia in slaughter pigs in three EU countries between 2011 and 2013.
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