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October 8 October 11


PROHEALTH members will give the following oral presentations:

  • I Thøfner and JP Christensen: Effect of live attenuated Escherichia coli vaccination on experimentally induced salpingitis in layers
  • Louise Ladefoged Poulsen, Steffen Lynge Joergensen, Steven Djordjevic, Max Cummins, Chong Wang, Jens Peter Christensen, Henrik Christensen, Magne Bisgaard and Ida Thøfner: Investigation of genotypic association of E. coli with the manifestations of salpingitis in egg laying hens
  • Troels Ronco, Sofie Kromann, Nicole Gutmann, Ida Thøfner, Jens Peter Christensen, Miki Bojesen, Karl Petersen, Rikke Olsen: Investigation of the intestinal carriage of E. coli clones related to the Nordic outbreak in 2014-2016

In addition, PROHEALTH members will have the following poster presentation:

  • I Thøfner and JP Christensen: Significance of chronic E.coli oviduct infections in egg laying hens
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