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January 10 January 11


Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland

The conference of the Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland (Maataloustieteen Päivät 2018) was an event held in Helsinki in January 2018 in Finnish language. PROHEALTH members contributed with four oral presentations and one poster. Full details of the programme can be found in the book of abstracts (PDF).

Oral presentations:

  • Heinola, K., Niemi, J., Van Limbergen, T., Chantziaras, I., Dewulf, J. & Maes, D.: Potential for improvement in the biosecurity of pig and poultry farms (No. 21.1, page 93 in book of abstracts)
  • Karhapää, M., Siljander-Rasi, H., Kortelainen, T., Sevón-Aimonen, M.-L.: Effect of breeding line and sex on incidence of osteochondrosis in fattening pigs (No. 21.2, page 94 in book of abstracts)
  • Niemi, J., Jones, P., Tranter, R.: Costs of production-related diseases to pig and poultry farms (No. 21.3, page 95 in book of abstracts)
  • Siljander-Rasi, H., Karhapää, M., Kortelainen, T., Närkki, S.: Effect of vitamin D intake and source on production results and leg heath in fattening pigs (No. 21.4, page 95 in book of abstracts)

Poster presentation:

  • Latvala, T., Clark, B., Stewart, G., Panzone, L., Kyriazakis, I., Jones, P., Tranter, R., Frewer, L., Niemi, J.: Consumers future intention to buy animal-based food product from intensive production systems (No. 1-16, page 169 in book of abstracts)
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