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High biosecurity and welfare standards in fattening pig farms are associated with reduced antimicrobial use0
A value chain analysis of interventions to control production diseases in the intensive pig production sector0
The Productivity and Financial Impacts of Eight Types of Environmental Enrichment for Broiler Chickens0
Differential immune response to Eimeria maxima infection in fast and slow growing broiler genotypes0
Interactions between dietary Calcium and Phosphorus level, and vitamin D source on bone mineralization, performance, and intestinal morphology of coccidia-infected broilers0
Correlation between footpad lesions and systemic bacterial infections in broiler breeders0
Improving leg health in broiler chickens: A systematic review on the effect of environmental enrichment0
Big (pig) data and the internet of swine things. A new paradigm in the industry0
Control of Salmonella on pig farms in the post-antibiotic era0
Longitudinal study on causes of mortality in Danish broiler breeders0
Consumer attitudes towards production diseases in intensive production systems0
The challenge of incorporating animal welfare in a social life cycle assessment model of European chicken production0
Sow environment during gestation: part I. Influence on maternal physiology and lacteal secretions in relation with neonatal survival0
Differential gene response to coccidiosis in modern fast growing and slow growing broiler genotypes0
Sow environment during gestation: part II. Influence on piglet physiology and tissue maturity at birth0
A systematic literature mapping and meta-analysis of animal-based traits as indicators of production diseases in pigs0
Responses to weaning in two pig lines divergently selected for residual feed intake depending on diet0
A review of the financial impact of production diseases in poultry production systems0
Genetic selection against intrauterine growth retardation in piglets: a problem at the piglet level with a solution at the sow level0
Factors associated with specific health, welfare and reproductive performance indicators in pig herds from five EU countries0
Effect of divergent lines selected on feed efficiency and physical activity on lameness and osteochondrosis in growing pigs0
Role of systemic infection, cross contaminations and super-shedders in Salmonella carrier state in chicken0
A reassessment of the vitamin D requirements of modern broiler genotypes0
Effects of host genetics and environmental conditions on fecal microbiota composition of pigs0
A Combined Deep Learning GRU-Autoencoder for the Early Detection of Respiratory Disease in Pigs Using Multiple Environmental Sensors0
Does selection for growth rate in broilers affect their resistance and tolerance to Eimeria maxima?0
Effects of environmental complexity on fearfulness and learning ability in fast growing broiler chickens0
Connecting different data sources to assess the interconnections between biosecurity, health, welfare, and performance in commercial pig farms in great Britain0
Effect of enriching the sow environment and diet during gestation on maternal stress and piglet survival0
Molecular approaches to the diagnosis and monitoring of production diseases in pigs0
Scoring biosecurity in European conventional broiler production0
Staphylococcus agnetis, a potential pathogen in broiler breeders0
Consumer views on controlling production diseases in intensive production systems0
Consumer willingness-to-pay and attitudes for farm animal welfare: a systematic review and meta-analysis0
Stakeholder preferred ways to reduce production diseases in broiler chickens and layer hens0
Does good biosecurity in pig fattening pay? - a case study0
Impact of egg disinfection of hatching eggs on the eggshell microbiome and bacterial load0
Evaluation of the Danish footpad lesion surveillance in conventional and organic broilers: Misclassification of scoring0
Impact of hygiene of housing conditions on performance and health of two pig genetic lines divergent for residual feed intake0
Systematic review of on-farm factors affecting leg health in broilers0
Longitudinal study of transmission of Escherichia coli from broiler breeders to broilers0
Vertical transmission of E. coli in the Danish broiler production.0
The foot pad as port of entry for Gr+ infections0
Risk factors associated with the different categories of piglet perinatal mortality in French farms0
Citizens, consumers and farm animal welfare: A meta-analysis of willingness-to-pay studies0
Poster at Colloque SFECA 20170
Inter-rater agreement in visual assessment of footpad dermatitis in Danish broiler chickens0
Prohealth: hoe bioveilig zijn België en Nederland? In: Varkensbedrijf0
Housing Systems Influence Gut Microbiota Composition of Sows but Not of Their Piglets0
Investigations of the pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecalis in an experimental footpad infection model in broiler breeders0
Impact of playing classical music and scratching on avoidance distance in loose housed farrowing sows0
Relationship between sow conformation, farrowing floor type and posture change characteristics using accelerometer data0
Molecular characterisation of idiopathic lumbar kyphosis in pigs0
Yearly and seasonal evolutions in performance parameters of sows in thre European countries in 2011-20130
Cost of production diseases to pig farms0
Long and short term evolutions in the prevalence of pneumonia in slaughter pigs in three EU countries between 2011 and 20130
Identifying potential biomarkers to improve production in pigs and poultry0
Influence of gestation housing system on sow health and the transfer of maternal immunity to the neonate0
Relationships between weight, head morphologyassessed IUGR status and survival in commercial piglet production0
Relationships between sow conformation and crushing events in commercial piglet production0
PROHEALTH, production diseases and preweaning piglet mortality0
Effects of gestation housing systems on maternal stress, piglet maturity at birth and early survival0
A framework for automatic quantification of posture state and transitions in farrowing sows0
Identification of neonatal mortality patterns and risk factors related to the different causes of piglet neonatal mortality in French farms0
Risk factors for piglet neonatal mortaility in French pig farms0
Consumer willingness to pay for farm animal welfare: a systematic review and meta-analysis0
Escherichia coli in industrial poultry production – aspects of transmission and disease development.0
Infections with Gram positive cocci in broiler breeders – significance and prevalence.0
What are the costs of poultry diseases? A review of nine production diseases.0
Enriched group housing better for sow welfare0
'Siipikarjan tuotantosairaudet viovat maksaa jopa neljä euroa kanaa kohti0
Effet de l'environment des truies pendant la gestation sur leur comportement et la survie des percelets0
Pig production research at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, Univerisity of Nottingham0
Parempi terveys tuo kilpailukykyä0
The state of the art in economics applied to animal health0
Porcine lie detectors: Automatic quantification of posture state and transitions in sows using inertial sensors0
A Systematic Review of Public Attitudes, Perceptions and Behaviours Towards Production Diseases Associated with Farm Animal Welfare0
Extended lactation in dairy cows: effects of milking frequency, calving season and nutrition on lactation persistency and milk quality0
Piglet management in organic and low-input systems0
Immune response of chicken gut to natural colonization by gut microflora and to Salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis infection.0
Genetic and environmental effects on piglet survival and maternal behaviour of the farrowing sow.0
The immune response to parasitic helminths of veterinary importance and its potential manipulation for future vaccine control strategies.0
Health and immune traits of Basque and Large -White pigs housed in a conventional or enriched environment0
The Ethical and Welfare Implications of Large Litter Size in the Domestic Pig: Challenges and Solutions.0
Responses of growing pigs to different levels of dietary phosphorus - Performance, bone characteristics, and solubility of faecal phosphorus.0
Mammary gland involution and endocrine status in sows: Effects of weaning age and lactation heat stress.0
QX-like infectious bronchitis virus isolated from proventriculitis in commercial broilers in England.0
Animal Health Data Comparison. Recommendations for the Future.0
Consumer Responses to Integrated Risk-Benefit Information Associated with the Consumption of Food.0
Genetic parameters of foot-pad dermatitis and body weight in purebred broiler lines in 2 contrasting environments.0
Influence of feed form and source of soybean meal of the diet on growth performance of broilers from 1 to 42 days of age. 1.0
Effects of feeding of two potentially probiotic preparations from lactic acid bacteria on the performance and faecal microflora of broiler chickens0
The prediction of apparent metabolisable energy content of oil seeds and oil by-products for poultry from its chemical components, in vitro analysis or near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy.0
Sanitary housing conditions modify the performance and behavioural response of weaned pigs to feed- and housing-related stressors0
Novel approach for deriving genome wide SNP analysis data from archived blood spots0
Estimation of genetic associations between reproduction and production traits based on a sire and dam line with common ancestry.0
Comparative effect of level of dietary fiber and sanitary conditions on the growth and health of weaning piglets.0
Use of oxytocin to improve diagnosis of subclinical mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus.0
Pre-infection of pigs withMycoplasma hyopneumoniae induces oxidative stress that influencesoutcomes of a subsequent infection with a swineinfluenza virus of H1N1.0
Farmers’ attitudes to disease risk management in England: a comparative analysis of sheep and pig farmers0
Adaptive evolution of Toll-like receptor 5 in domesticated mammals0
Characterization of Chicken Spleen Transcriptome after Infection with Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis.0
A crosssectional study of risk factors associated with pulmonary lesions in pigs at slaughter.0
Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Colonizing the Lumen of the Chicken Intestine Grows Slowly and Upregulates a Unique Set of Virulence and Metabolism Genes0
Causes of Mortality in Commercial Organic Layers in Denmark.0
Rck of Salmonella enterica, subspecies enterica serovar Enteritidis, mediates a Zipper-like internalization.0
Influence of herd size, herd management and geographic pig density on PCV2 antibody titers of sows and 3 week old piglets in 10 Belgian farms.0
Incidence and prevention of early parturition in sows.0
Association of Streptococcus pluranimalium with valvular endocarditis and septicaemia in adult broiler parents.0
Murine Caecal patch M cells transport Scrapie-Associated Fibrils (SAF) in vivo.0
Early immune dynamics following infection with Salmonella enterica serovars Enteritidis, Infantis,0
Challenges and solutions to problems in pork quality0
Long and short term evolutions in post-mortem lesions in slaughter pigs in Belgium between 2011 and 20130
Short and semi-long term evolutions in Belgian broiler's performance, health and welfare parameters0
Year and Seasonal Evolutions in Performance Parameters of Belgian Sows in 2011-20130
Experimental Staphylococcus aureus infections in broilers breeders using foot pads as port of entry0
Strains of E. coli demonstrate a significant difference in their potential to cause ascending infections in poultry0
Investigation on bacterial diversity and CFU on eggshells of hatching eggs before and after disinfection0
Strains of E. coli demonstrate a significant difference in their potential to cause ascending infections in poultry0
Longitudinal study of vertical transmission of Escherichia coli in broiler production0
Longitudinal study of mortality observed in four broiler breeder flocks0
Eläintaudeista aiheutuu miljoonatappiot0
Pig and Poultry Diseases: Biosecurity and Health0
Analysis of influence of sow housing during gestation on immune cell numbers in mammary secretions0
A new approach to the production diseases of pigs and poultry0
Evaluation of the Danish footpad lesion surveillance system in relation to organic and conventional broilers0
PROHEALTH: le plus grand réseau de recherche en proc et volaille0
Consumer willingness to pay for farm animal welfare: a systematic review and meta-analysis0
Addressing the interactions between nutrition and genotype on the consequences of coccidian infections in broilers0
Idiopathic Lumbar Kyphosis in pigs and ist association with genetics and nutrition0
Hot Topic Day (Surveys in Animal Science" organised by the British Society of Animal Science - oral presentation)0
Vertical transmission of Escherichia coli in broiler production and biosecurity aspects0
Evaluation of the Danish footpad lesion surveillance system in relation to organic and conventional broilers0
Inter-rater agreement of visual footpad dermatitis scoring in Danish broilers0
Curcuma and Scutellaria plant extracts protect chickens against inflammation and Salmonella Enteritidis infection0
PROHEALTH-Tavoitteena kestävä ja kannattava sika- ja siipikarjatuotanto (Project poster presented at Tietoprovinssi)0
PROHEALTH-hankkeen tavoitteena on terveempi sika ja kilpailukykyisempi tuotanto (Project overview presented at Sikatalouden tulosseminaari)0
Effect of rearing environment and dietary zinc oxide on the response of group housed weaned pigs to enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli O149 challenge.0