Aggregated news and information from the poultry sector

We would like to introduce a new feature that has recently been added to the PROHEALTH website: the Online Poultry Journal which can be found in the PROHEALTH Knowledge Centre. 

Conceived and designed by the poultry experts within PROHEALTH, the service strives to deliver a comprehensive but curated selection of news stories from across the poultry sector. The purpose of the online journal is to reduce the time and effort needed by poultry professionals and enthusiasts to regularly check different sources for updates, providing the users a unique and user-friendly environment for monitoring and searching information coming from different online providers.

The tool is based on news aggregation software that automatically gathers content from a variety of reliable poultry-relevant online channels and contracted primary news providers as well as from crawling selected websites of interest. Aggregated content is processed automatically to the Online Poultry Journal, but it needs to be approved by a human moderator before becoming public.

The users can adjust the displayed news by applying one or more of the different filtering options offered by the tool, e.g. filtering by news source, publishing date or category giving a unique user experience.

The Online Poultry Journal is a formal Deliverable of PROHEALTH and will continue to function until the end of 2020, ie two years after the project is formally concluded.

Have a look and explore the Online Poultry Journal at