PROHEALTH Objectives

  • Identify the risk factors for production diseases and establish associations between disease
  • Explore the role of genetic and environmental factors on neonatal survival and in exerting longer-term developmental influences on health
  • Evaluate the effects of genetic selection for productive traits on susceptibility and identify strategies to prevent these
  • Determine the role of farm environment variation on the expression of production diseases over time
  • Characterize microbiological and immunological changes and identify pathological changes at the molecular level which take place during production diseases in order to develop diagnostic tools
  • Implement reduction strategies for production diseases on a farm and assess the efficacy reducing disease prevalence or severity
  • Identify economically viable and socially acceptable control strategies ways to control pathologies, with emphasis on animal welfare implications

Key Facts

Title Sustainable pig and poultry production: an integrated and multi-factorial approach
Start Date 01 December 2013
End Date 30 November 2018
Duration 60 months
Budget € 11.9 million
Funding FP7-KBBE